Bogus in Bogus Land
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date 12/21/91
Written by Michael Maurer
Directed by Unknown
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First Act Edit

It is once again another nice day in the Anybody residence. In the bathroom of the Anybody residence, Bogus is sailing in the bathtub in Tommy's shoe, which he uses as a sailboat, before a periscope suddenly appears from the water. It turns out that periscope is part of a submarine that Brattus is controlling, before he spots Bogus. Brattus then presses a button on the control panel, which launches at torpedo at Bogus. Bogus becomes surprised when he sees the torpedo coming his way, before he dives into the water, just as the torpedo strikes the shoe boat, causing it to sink. Brattus then starts laughing at Bogus's expense, while Bogus climbs up out of the bathtub, looking not very happy, before he pulls out the plug for the bathtub drain, causing the water in the tub to start draining. Bogus then starts laughing before he jumps onto the bathroom counter, before Brattus then jumps out from his submarine and lands next to Bogus, telling Bogus that what he did was a dirty trick. However, the two cousins are suddenly approached by Aunt Bogunda who tells Bogus that he has a dentist appointment in Bogusland. Bogus is afraid of going to the dentist, so he hides behind Brattus, but since Brattus is equally afraid of going to the dentist as Bogus is, he hides behind Bogus. Aunt Bogunda starts to lose her patience before she uses a toothbrush to whack Bogus and Brattus, sending them flying directly into the mirror, which serves as the portal to Bogusland, as Aunt Bogunda waves goodbye to them.

Bogus and Brattus are flying through the mirror, before they come out from a mirror in the dentist's office and become seated on a sofa in the waiting room. The two cousins are then approached by an assistant with pale purple skin who informs Bogus that it's time for his dentist appointment. Brattus then points at Bogus, but Bogus denies everything, before telling the assistant that Brattus is the one who has an appointment, not him. Brattus becomes afraid before the assistant grabs Brattus by the arm and pulls him away while Bogus starts laughing at his younger cousin's expense. Brattus does not want to go into the dentist's room, but he gets pulled in before the assistant closes the door afterwards. Once that's over, this gives Bogus a chance to exit the waiting room.

In the streets of Bogusland, Bogus is skateboarding down the sidewalk past some other different-colored citizens before stopping in front of a theater where he sees a poster of himself as a one-man band. However, Bogus is suddenly tapped before hooked around the neck by the cane of a green-skinned usher who tells Bogus that this is his chance to enter show business, before using his cane to whack Bogus into the theater. Inside the theater, the usher then announces the first attraction of the show, before the curtains open up to reveal a green-skinned ballerina and her pet dog, who start doing a ballet act. Bogus starts applauding for the act, but however, it turns out that the usher has rigged up a machine consisting of a stereo that plays the recorded sounds of people booing as well as a conveyor belt that transports tomatoes to some hands that start throwing tomatoes at the ballerina and the dog, before they get yanked off the stage by the usher's cane. Bogus is surprised at what he had just seen, before the usher then announces that it's time for the main attraction of the show.

Bogus tries to crawl away, before a mechanical hand grabs him by the seat of his pants, picks him up, and pushes him on stage while he is wearing a magician's outfit. Bogus then announces that he is ready to do his greatest act yet, before he pulls off the sleeves of his coat, takes off his hat, pulls out a magic wand, and twirls it a few times before tapping it against the hat. However, nothing happens when Bogus tapped the hat, so he starts shaking the hat, which causes a beach ball, a frying pan, a pair of boots, a rubber chicken, a baseball mitt, and some carrots to fall from the hat, before a rabbit comes out from the hat and starts eating the carrot, which Bogus starts laughing at. Bogus suddenly finds himself getting hit with tomatoes before announcing that he is prepared to do the finale of his act, before he taps his hat with his wand again, which causes a bright flash of blue, pink, and yellow powder, before the powder fades away to reveal a giant chicken standing in front of Bogus. The chicken tries to grab Bogus, but he dodges before he runs away with the chicken chasing after him. Bogus then runs out from the theater, before the chicken crashes through the wall while still chasing after Bogus. The usher then has two security guards start chasing after Bogus and the chicken.

Bogus then hides behind a lamppost with the chicken still after him. Bogus then waves his wand a few times, turning the lamppost into a cornstalk with an ear of corn. The chicken then starts eating the corn while Bogus is relieved that the chicken is distracted for now. The security guards then show up while still chasing after Bogus and the chicken, which frightens the chicken so much that she runs away, with the security guards chasing after her. Bogus then puts his wand away before running off and confronting the chicken hiding in an alley before Bogus jumps onto the chicken's back, just as the security guards show up once again. Bogus then tells the chicken to fly if they want to escape, so the chicken then flaps her wings before flying up to the top of a nearby building. Unfortunately, there is also an elevator at the top of the building, before the security guards exit from the elevator, which causes the chicken to back up onto a flagpole. Because the flagpole is not strong enough to support the chicken's weight, the flagpole breaks which causes Bogus and the chicken to start falling.

Meanwhile, back in the dentist's office, the dentist is doing dental work on Brattus, before Brattus looks out the window and notices Bogus and the chicken falling past the window. Brattus becomes excited when he sees this happen, before the dentist resumes his work on Brattus. The chicken the lands on the ground just as Bogus jumps off the chicken's back, before he pulls out his hat and wand, throwing the hat onto the chicken's head and waving his magic wand a few times, which causes the chicken to disappear back into the hat again. Once that's over, Bogus starts laughing, before noticing the security guards coming back as he starts running for his life again. Bogus then waves the wand before tapping it on his head, which causes him to disappear in a puff of pink smoke. Bogus is now flying right through the mirror, before he lands back in the bathroom of the Anybody residence once again. After landing safely back in the Anybody residence, Bogus is happy to be back home before he starts laughing afterwards.

Second Act Edit

This time, Bogus has now accompanied his best friend, Tommy Anybody, to the movie theater, where they are going to see a movie about Robin Hood. Tommy then goes over to the ticket counter to buy his ticket to the movie, before Bogus also jumps out from Tommy's backpack while holding a dollar bill and lands on the ticket counter. When Bogus says that he wants a ticket for the Robin Hood movie too, the ticket taker looks around, wondering who said that, before looking down to notice Bogus on the counter. The ticket taker screams, drops the roll of tickets, and runs off, which gives Bogus a chance to get a ticket, but he ends up pulling on the whole roll of tickets. The ticket roll then falls off the counter and rolls past Bogus before Bogus gets pulled along with the roll of tickets. Tommy then enters the movie after giving his ticket to the usher, before the ticket roll rolls past the usher with Bogus still getting pulled along before crashing. Bogus lays dazed in a pile of tickets, before a ticket suddenly becomes ejected from his mouth. After that's over, Bogus then runs over before jumping into Tommy's hands before Tommy places him in his backpack again.

It is now time to get snacks for the movie, which Bogus is excited about as he licks his lips. Tommy then approaches the snack counter, where Bogus starts looking at the hot dogs that are being rotated on a rotisserie. Bogus licks his lips before he leans over to get a closer look, but he ends up losing his balance and falling out of Tommy's backpack before landing on the hot dogs as he starts running on them, before he gets sent flying into the popcorn machine and lands in the popcorn. The man at the snack counter then scoops up some popcorn in a bucket before giving the bucket to Tommy. Tommy then becomes surprised when Bogus pops out from the popcorn, with Bogus saying that he's ready for the movie now, before he starts giggling rather giddily afterwards.

In the movie, Maid Marian expresses her love for Robin Hood, who is in disguise as a peasant in order to see Marian. Marian is happy that Robin has come to see her, before Robin blows her a kiss and leaves afterwards. After Robin Hood has left, however, the Sheriff of Nottingham then walks up to Maid Marian, telling her that she is not see Robin Hood again. Tommy and Bogus are still watching the movie, with Tommy saying that this is getting good, before Bogus also agrees with him as well. The Sheriff of Nottingham then tells Maid Marian that if she truly wants to see Robin Hood again, they will arrange an archery tournament so that the winner will receive a kiss from Maid Marian. Bogus is rather angry at the aspect of the Sheriff of Nottingham manipulating Maid Marian this way, before he rushes off once again while jumping on the heads of other people before entering the projection room. Bogus then jumps up to the camera, opens up a small door, and enters the camera, which allows him to enter the Robin Hood movie. On the day of the archery tournament, the Sheriff of Nottingham then explains to Robin Hood and Bogus, who are both wearing peasant hoods as disguises, that this is a tournament to determine who will win the golden arrow, as well as receive a kiss from Maid Marian. After that, Robin then winks at the viewers afterwards.

When the Sheriff of Nottingham walks up to Bogus, he then explains the same thing to Bogus. Tommy then becomes surprised when he sees that Bogus is now in the movie as well. The Sheriff of Nottingham then tells the competitors the best of luck in the tournament. Maid Marian then cheers on Robin Hood, who waves back at her, before Robin then approaches the target as he takes out an arrow from his quiver, loads it into his bow then fires the arrow as it sails through the air before it hits the target, making a bullseye. The Sheriff then tells Robin that he was lucky that time, before Bogus taps on his shoulder from behind and tells him that it's his turn to shoot now before blindfolding himself to make it more challenging and pulls out three arrows. The Sheriff and Robin are both surprised at this act, before Bogus then shoots the arrows, as they sail through the air before the first arrow hits Robin Hood's arrow, before the second and third arrows do the same thing to the first arrow as well. After that's over, Bogus then removes his blindfold while the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood are surprised at what they just witnessed. The Sheriff of Nottingham then says that something is not right here, thinking that Bogus cheated, but Bogus says that he won fair and square, before the Sheriff then removes Bogus's hood, revealing him to be Bogie Hood, the greatest archer in all of England, even better than Robin Hood himself. Maid Marian is exasperated at this, while Bogus expresses his desire to be kissed by Maid Marian. Bogus is then rewarded the golden arrow as the prize, while Robin can only shrug, knowing that he's been bested, before he leaves. Maid Marian is not so sure about having to kiss Bogus, before Bogus then blows Maid Marian a kiss, which disgusts her very much. Bogus then runs after afterwards, while the Sheriff of Nottingham says that Bogus may have won the tournament, but he'll get his revenge soon enough, before he starts laughing. Tommy then says that he's happy that the movie is over, before becoming surprised when Bogus appears next to him, before Bogus lands in the popcorn while applauding. Bogus then says that he is always glad to help solve a problem, before he starts helping himself to some popcorn afterwards.

Third Act Edit

It is once again another nice day in the city, before revealing that Bogus and Tommy are now going to the arcade, which is conveniently next to the movie theater. Bogus is sitting on Tommy's bike while saying that it was a good idea going to the video arcade. However, the presence of a girl that Tommy knows prompts Bogus to hide in Tommy's bike horn, as the girl then asks Tommy if he's come to beat her in some arcade games, but Tommy answers that he just came to play just for the heck of playing. The girl thinks that Tommy is lying, before she squeezes the bulb of the bike horn, which sends Bogus flying until he crashes into a nearby lamppost. Tommy then runs over to the lamppost before he starts pulling on Bogus until he is freed from the lamppost, ending up with his neck stretched out, before Tommy squashes him back down to normal and asks him if he's alright. Bogus is rather disoriented but just fine, before Tommy places him in his shirt pocket once again and starts making his way towards the arcade. Bogus then peeks out from Tommy's shirt pocket again before Tommy pushes him back down again.

Tommy then walks up next to the girl who is standing in front of the ice cream counter, preparing to get some ice cream. Bogus comes out from Tommy's shirt pocket once again before he becomes excited since he also wants some ice cream, before he jumps out from Tommy's shirt pocket and lands in the cone that the ice cream man is holding. Inside the cone, Bogus is rubbing his belly in anticipation before the ice cream man then places a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the cone, which Bogus starts licking from the bottom. The ice cream man then places four more scoops of ice cream on top of the scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberry, pineapple, mango, and papaya, before giving the ice cream cone to the girl. Before the girl can eat her ice cream, however, all 5 scoops of ice cream suddenly start disappearing directly into the cone, which causes the girl to scream and drop the cone. After a few seconds, the cone is then lifted up, revealing Bogus lounging on the ground in happiness from eating the ice cream and licking his lips while rubbing his enlarged belly, before he starts laughing jovially afterwards. Tommy then picks up his bloated friend, before sternly telling him to behave himself. Bogus then replies that he couldn't resist free ice cream, before he licks his lips again.

Tommy then approaches a Space Invaders-like game, before he starts playing the game after inserting a coin into the slot. Bogus then climbs out from Tommy's shirt pocket before going over to a video game about monkeys. Bogus reaches into his pocket before pulling out a baseball mitt and a crab before he pulls out a coin with a picture of his face on it, before inserting it into the slot. Bogus starts playing the game, which involves a pair of monkeys jumping over various obstacles, before Bogus uses the joystick to fire a bunch of bananas at the monkeys, but they duck down before they start teasing Bogus. Bogus angrily moves the joystick, before the monkeys appear in front of Bogus. When Bogus tries to reason with the monkeys, one of them eats a banana before dropping the banana peel which Bogus slips on while the monkeys laugh at his expense. Bogus then flies directly into a Ski-ball game afterwards before climbing out from the target, before Tommy then throws a ball that rolls down the ramp towards Bogus who quickly retreats back into the target while the ball is now rolling after him. Bogus then makes it back to the ball return, before getting squashed by the ball, just as Tommy picks up the ball and becomes surprised to see Bogus squashed against the ball, before he peels Bogus off the ball, returning Bogus to his regular shape again. Tommy then asks Bogus if he's had enough game time for now to which Bogus says that he is hungry again, before he looks over in time to see the monkeys playing on one of the prize machines.

Bogus then goes over to confront the monkeys once again, but they cause an avalanche of game tokens to fall on top of Bogus. Bogus then comes out from the pile of game tokens before he starts chasing the monkeys directly into the money slot of the prize machine. At the same time this happens, however, the girl then approaches the same prize machine that Bogus and the monkeys are in while trying to decide what prize she wants, before she picks Bogus as the prize that she wants, to which Bogus grimaces at. The girl then inserts a coin into the machine, which causes the platform that Bogus is standing on to give away as he falls down before being caught by the girl as the monkeys laugh at his expense once again. The girl then pulls on Bogus's nose and snaps it, which Bogus does not like, before the girl squeezes him while laughing, but when the girl reaches out to poke Bogus, Bogus bites the girl's finger, which causes the girl to drop Bogus as he runs off again. The girl is very angry before she starts chasing after Bogus until Bogus hides in a nearby pinball machine. The girl then starts crawling on the floor while looking for Bogus until she picks herself up in time to see Bogus in the pinball machine. The girl then inserts a coin into the pinball machine then pulls on the knob and releases it, sending Bogus ricocheting all over the machine, with the monkeys laughing at his expense once again. Bogus continues getting thrown around the pinball machine until falling into the hole at the bottom. The monkeys are still laughing, until they become surprised when they see Bogus driving a monster truck that was displayed on the pinball machine and starts chasing after the monkeys all over the arcdae until he chases them back into their respected game once again. Tommy then approaches the game, but when it turns on, he becomes surprised to see Bogus in the game while standing next to the monster truck with the monkeys dispatched. Bogus then states that he's a master monster truck driver before he starts laughing again as the episode ends.

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  • This is the first time in the series that we see Bogus's homeland, Bogusland.