Brattus is a recurring character that appeared in the 1991 cartoon, Mr. Bogus

Bio Edit

Brattus is the bratty and rambunctious younger cousin of Mr. Bogus. He is also the son of Bogus' aunt Bogunda. Despite his mischievous tendencies, Brattus has often helped Bogus out whenever he got himself into a jam. He will also often join Bogus on his adventures.

Personality Edit

Judging by his name, Brattus is a brat who likes nothing more than going around and causing trouble, much to Bogus' annoyance. He is a young kid with an appetite as big as his older cousin's. Even though Brattus may seem bratty and insensitive, he has often shown himself to be loyal to Bogus in the line of duty.

Physical appearance Edit

Much like his older cousin Bogus, Brattus is also a gremlin with bright yellow skin, though he is an inch shorter than Bogus. He has frizzy red-orange hair on his head and a single bucktooth sticking out from the left side of his mouth. His attire consists of a dark blue short-sleeved shirt with a green 'B' on the front, a pair of red pants, and a pair of black and white sneakers.

Family Edit

Brattus is the younger cousin of Bogus, the son of Bogunda, and the brother of Bogetta.

Enemies Edit

Much like Bogus, Brattus is also enemies with the Dirt Dudes, Ratty and Molie, and Baddus.

Voice Edit

Brattus was voiced by Russi Taylor, who was best known for voicing Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby from Disney's DuckTales.

First appearance Edit

"Et Tu, Brattus?"

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