Molie is a recurring character from the 1991 cartoon, Mr. Bogus

Bio Edit

Molie is a mole who serves as the sidekick to Ratty. Even though he doesn't always appear with Ratty, he also serves as an antagonist to Bogus more often than not.

Personality Edit

Molie isn't nearly as ruthless and conniving as Ratty is, being rather sycophantic and dimwitted, but will often carry out Ratty's orders without question. Despite this, he will also antagonize Bogus when he and Ratty confront him.

Physical appearance Edit

Molie has brown fur all over his body, a rather overweight physique, a squint in his eyes, much like a real mole, a long skinny tail more akin to that of a shrew's than an actual mole's, and a dark blue nose.

Enemies Edit

Much like Ratty, Molie is also enemies with Bogus and Brattus.

Voice Edit

Molie was voiced by Pat Fraley, who previously provided the voice of the title character of Denver The Last Dinosaur.

First appearance Edit

"Meet Mr. Bogus"

Appearances Edit