Mr. Bogus is the title character of the 1991 cartoon, Mr. Bogus

Bio Edit

Mr. Bogus (or just simply known as Bogus) is a small yellow gremlin-like creature who hails from the alternate dimension of Bogusland, which Bogus can enter at will by entering the bathroom mirror. On Earth, he lives in a house in a Suburban neighborhood, in which his human best friend Tommy Anybody lives.

Personality Edit

Bogus is best known throughout the series for his penchant for doing good deeds, though his clumsiness will sometimes cause problems for him and everyone else around him. His clumsiness is emphasized even more in the original Belgian-French Claymation shorts, in which his attempts to do everyday activities around the house almost always end up in disaster for him. In the Claymation shorts, he appears to have a slightly grumpy demeanor, though in the 2D series, while he retains his grumpiness, he is depicted as slightly more cheerful and optimistic. Bogus is also known for being rather gluttonous, having a great love for food, similar to Garfield or Scooby-Doo. The opening intro of the series even showed Bogus devouring two out of three scoops of ice cream after catapulting them into the air, but ends up missing the third scoop by mistake.

Physical appearance Edit

Bogus is a gremlin who stands around three inches tall. His skin is a bright yellow. The only article of clothing that he wears is a pair of blue shorts with pockets that contain an unimaginable amount of items to fit the situation that he finds himself in.

Family Edit

Bogus also has a younger cousin named Brattus who, true to his name, likes to cause trouble but has more often than not helped Bogus out. Another relative of Bogus is his Aunt Bogunda, who has a rather strict demeanor and prone to whacking Bogus on the head with her purse. Bogetta is Bogus' other cousin, who doesn't show up as often as Brattus and Aunt Bogunda do, but is mostly placed to just look cute.

Enemies Edit

Bogus has several enemies in the series, but the most recurring ones are the Dirt Dudes, a group of anthropomorphic dust bunnies that show up to mostly cause trouble, but will sometimes help Bogus out, Ratty, a conniving rat who is joined up by his dim-witted mole sidekick named Molie, and Baddus, a green-skinned evil lookalike who always strives to antagonize Bogus.

Voice Edit

Mr. Bogus was voiced by Cam Clarke, who was best known to cartoon fans of the 1980's as Leonardo and Rocksteady from the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

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"Meet Mr. Bogus"

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Every episode.