Nightmare on Bogus Street
Season 3, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 10/27/93
Written by Michael Maurer
Directed by Unknown
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Springtime for Bogus B-TV

First Act Edit

It is a dark and stormy night in the Anybody residence, where in the bedroom of Tommy Anybody, Bogus is dressed up as a mad scientist while holding two beakers containing some sort of chemicals. Bogus then howls like a wolf before envisioning a monstrous rock star version of himself before he resumes mixing the chemicals together. However, due to the smell of the potion, Bogus then holds his nose, while the smell of the potion wafts up to the wall vent, where Ratty and Molie come out from the vent while wearing gas masks, due to the horrible smell that potion that Bogus had concocted. Ratty then uses an eyedropper to insert a drop of some kind of liquid into the beaker that Bogus is holding which contains the potion. Once the potion starts bubbling, due to the liquid that Ratty had transferred into it, Bogus then drinks the potion before gulping it all down. After a few seconds, Bogus suddenly has a spastic reaction to the potion, first with his eyes forming the shape of volcanoes, his head getting twisted around for a few seconds, and his stomach jumping up and down.

Once that's over, Bogus starts wondering what happened, a flash of light suddenly occurs before Bogus suddenly finds himself growing before reaching the level of the wall vent where Ratty and Molie are, as the two villainous rodents hold on to each other fearfully when they see the giant Bogus in front of them. Another flash of light then occurs before Bogus suddenly starts shrinking, before Ratty and Molie look down to see what happened to Bogus. It is then revealed that Bogus had now gotten turned into an insect, before another flash of light returns him back to his normal size and form. Unfortunately, something does not seem right, as Bogus then looks at his reflection in one of the beakers and sees that he is now growing hair, which is rather unnatural for him. Bogus then suddenly grows a full head of yellow hair before finding that he is now transformed into a werewolf. When Werewolf Bogus looks in the mirror, the mirror then cracks, before Werewolf Bogus lets out a howl and pounds his chest before charging off, while Molie asks Ratty what they're going to do now that Bogus has become a werewolf. Ratty then states that they're going to have to think of a way to stop Bogus and return him to normal.

Werewolf Bogus then starts going on a rampage throughout Tommy's bedroom, knocking over the beakers of chemicals, pushing over Tommy's dresser, and causing havoc when he chases the toy monkey, the teddy bear, a baseball, the toy crocodile, the toy robot, the toy elephant, and the dancing bear out of the toy box. After Werewolf Bogus jumps out of the toy box, a toy duck lands next to him, before he picks up the toy duck, who becomes afraid. Before Werewolf Bogus can eat the toy duck, Tommy's baseball mitt suddenly jumps out from the toy box and pounds Werewolf Bogus, saving the toy duck. Werewolf Bogus then jumps over to the poster above Tommy's bed as he grabs one of the meteors and bites into it. However, he does not like the taste of it as he throws away the meteor, as it sails directly into the mirror and hits Brattus on the head.

Brattus then comes out from the mirror, looking not too pleased about getting hit on the head before looking and seeing the mess that Werewolf Bogus had made. After Brattus jumps out from the mirror, Werewolf Bogus suddenly jumps in front of Brattus, which scares the bejeebers out of Brattus, before Werewolf Bogus then places Brattus in a stewpot, preparing to cook and eat him. Brattus becomes afraid at the prospect of his own cousin getting turned into a werewolf and possibly preparing to eat him. Before Werewolf Bogus can do so, however, he suddenly has a strange feeling come over him before reverting back into Bogus once again. When Bogus asks Brattus what he's doing in a stewpot, Brattus explains to Bogus that he put him in the stewpot when the latter was a werewolf, which Bogus denies ever doing, before he and Brattus suddenly get into an argument consisting of "Did not!" "Did too!" "Did not!" "Did too!" However, before the argument can continue even further, Bogus suddenly feels a burp coming on, before another flash of light causes him to turn back into Werewolf Bogus again. Brattus then holds out a mirror in front of Werewolf Bogus, which causes Werewolf Bogus to freak out and run away before crashing right through the wall. Brattus then calls out for Werewolf Bogus to come back. Back up in the wall vent, Ratty then tells Molie that with Bogus running around as a werewolf, they'll have to team up with Brattus in order to stop Werewolf Bogus, before they both start laughing.

In the kitchen, Werewolf Bogus becomes excited when he sees the refrigerator before envisioning all of the delicious treats that are in the fridge before he eats the thought bubble and runs towards the fridge. However, before he can reach the refrigerator, Ratty puts a padlock around the fridge handles before he and Molie stand in front of the fridge, telling Werewolf Bogus that he's not getting his hands on the treats in the refrigerator, while Ratty has the padlock key around his arm. Ratty then asks Werewolf Bogus if he would like to eat, to which Werewolf Bogus agrees to do. Back in Tommy's bedroom in the model log cabin, the teddy bear and a Dirt Dude are asleep, when Werewolf Bogus suddenly kicks open the door of the log cabin, pounds his chest, and starts spinning around in a tornado, which throws a bunch of items around the log cabin, which scares the teddy bear, the toy robot, and two Dirt Dudes very greatly when they find themselves confronted by Werewolf Bogus. Werewolf Bogus then lets out a fierce roar before running off again.

Inside the walls of the house, the Dirt Dudes and the toys are carrying torches as they confront Werewolf Bogus who fearfully runs for his life to escape the angry mob. When Werewolf Bogus approaches the wall vent, Brattus then approaches him while wearing a mad scientist's lab coat before grabbing Werewolf Bogus and pulling him into the vent. Back in Tommy's bedroom, Brattus prepares an antidote that would be necessary to restore Bogus back to normal again. However, they are suddenly approached by Ratty and Molie who tell Brattus to hand over the antidote, but Brattus puts the antidote in his pocket, telling him that he doesn't know anything about any antidote. Ratty then reaches into Brattus's pocket, before pulling a mousetrap that had snapped onto his fingers, as Brattus tells Werewolf Bogus that he's always prepared for an emergency such as this one, before he pulls out the antidote from his pocket. Unfortunately, before he can give the antidote to Werewolf Bogus, Ratty suddenly whacks the antidote out of Brattus's hand, which sends the vial flying through the air, as Ratty and Molie catch the antidote. However, the vial suddenly slips out of their hands before it breaks on top of Ratty and Molie, splattering the green fluid all over the two villainous rodents. Ratty then blames Brattus for what he's done, now that he and Molie have antidote all over them. Fortunately, it turned out that Brattus had planned ahead by producing a spare vial of antidote from his lab coat pocket before handing the vial to Werewolf Bogus as he starts to drink the antidote.

After a few seconds, Werewolf Bogus suddenly has a spastic reaction, before a flash of light reverts him back into Bogus once again, happy that he is himself once again. Ratty and Molie are still covered with the green fluid when Bogus and Brattus walk up to them, telling them that since they got the antidote all over themselves, they're going to face some pretty nasty consequences pretty soon. Ratty and Molie realize that Brattus is right as they suddenly have a strange feeling come over them, before a flash of light turns the two rodents into a were-rat and a were-mole respectively, before the two transformed were-rodents start running away, while being chased by the Dirt Dudes and the toys. Once the whole ordeal is over, Bogus then tells Brattus that the mob now has some new monsters to chase after, before he and Brattus high five each other before sharing a laugh afterwards.

Second Act Edit

It is once again a dark, windy, and stormy night in the neighborhood of the Anybody residence. In the Anybody residence, Tommy and Bogus are watching a monster movie on TV, which shows Ratty as aGodzilla-esque monster who destroys a nearby building with his club-like tail. Tommy then tells Bogus that he's always wanted to see this monster movie for a long time, while a plate of spaghetti and a box of pizza are sitting on the end table. Bogus becomes entranced by a strand of spaghetti dangling from Tommy's fork, before he slurps up the spaghetti strand, his stomach becoming bulged once again. On the TV, Molie is shown as a Rodan-esque monster who karate kicks another building as well, before giving a thumbs-up in front of the screen. Bogus becomes frightened upon seeing this scene, before he pulls down a curtain and becomes Super Bogus again before he starts flying, until he runs into the TV set. The screen of the TV set then grabs Super Bogus and throws him into the screen.

Ratzilla and Mole-dan are about to engage in a showdown against each other, when Super Bogus suddenly flies in-between them and pushes them back while between their noses. However, the two monsters squash Super Bogus with their noses, which sends Super Bogus falling until he lands into a garbage can. After Super Bogus comes out from the trash can, Brattus then shows up dressed like a director, telling Bogus that he ruined the entire scene, while speaking through a megaphone. After Brattus shoves his megaphone into Bogus's face, Bogus then falls back into the trash can, before Brattus has a couple of Dirt Dudes lift up the trash can, paint an X at the bottom, then smack the bottom of the trash can with a sledgehammer, which sends Bogus flying directly out of the TV before landing in Tommy's shirt pocket. Bogus then climbs out from Tommy's shirt pocket, before becoming afraid by the flashing lightning. Tommy then tells Bogus not to be afraid and that the thunder and lightning will subside soon. Bogus is still a little bit frightened, before he becomes afraid when he sees the grandfather clock turn into a monster and grab him before throwing him next to a potted plant that also turns into a monster and scares the living hell out of Bogus as it picks him and prepares to eat him. Bogus quickly runs away before the potted plant can eat him, which leaves behind his pants, before the plant spits Bogus's pants back out as they hit Bogus in the face.

Tommy then decides that it's time for him to turn in for the night as he falls asleep on the sofa. From behind the candelabra, Bogus is relieved that the grandfather clock is not a monster anymore, before the flames from the candles also turn into monsters and swarm themselves all around Bogus who starts to run for his life before climbing up the cord for the window blinds with the candle flames climbing up after him. Bogus then starts blowing on one of the candle flames in an attempt to slow it down, but this candle flame suddenly lights Bogus's butt on fire, which causes him to leap across the room in pain with his butt on fire, before landing in the soda cup on the end table. After that's over, Bogus turns the tables on the candle flames, by using the straw in the soda cup as a periscope before firing a stream of soda that hits the candle flames, reducing them to nothingness. After the candle flames have been taken care, Bogus then says that he's glad to be rid of them, before giving off a jovial chuckle afterwards.

Later, Bogus and Tommy are both asleep on the sofa in the living room, when a pink hand suddenly comes out from the pocket of Bogus's pants, grabs Bogus on the nose, and pulls Bogus into his pants, before a huge hairy pink troll monster comes out from Bogus's pants and enters Tommy's dream bubble via use of a door. Bogus then comes back into his pants again before vowing to stop the troll monster from infiltrating Tommy's mind and giving him bad dreams, before he also enters the doorway as well. Inside the inner depths of Tommy's subconscious, Tommy finds himself in a land where everything is made of food, ranging from pizza, spaghetti, etc. when he is suddenly grabbed up by a strand of spaghetti that starts to restrain Tommy. However, Tommy is able to free himself from the spaghetti strand with ease, before the troll monster suddenly uses a fork to send a huge meatball rolling towards Tommy who starts running for his life. Bogus, now wearing caveman attire, is holding onto a spaghetti vine before he starts swinging while giving off a Tarzan yell, before the vine that he is holding breaks, as he falls into a puddle of liquid cheese. Bogus then licks some of the cheese off his face, before noticing the meatball rolling towards him as it rolls right on top of him.

This time, Tommy is now leaping across some pizza toppings that act as stepping stones on a pizza pit, when Bogus approaches him in a rowboat and tells Tommy that in order to get off the pizza pit, he'll just have to eat his way through, before Bogus lifts one of the oars out of the pizza stuff and licks some of it off the oar. However, Bogus then finds that Tommy has disappeared, before a monstrous sausage link suddenly comes up from the pizza pit in front of Bogus. Bogus then jumps into the pizza pit while the sausage link follows after him, before Bogus then comes up while holding a huge hot dog bun, which he uses to trap the sausage link, before he starts giggling rather giddily afterwards. Tommy then walks past a trio of huge insects before approaching a cave made entirely out of meatballs, with Bogus riding on his shoulder, as Bogus then explains to Tommy that the best way to conquer your fears is to face them. Bogus then starts making silly faces to taunt the troll monster into exiting the meatball cave as he appears in front of Bogus and Tommy, which causes Tommy to start backing away fearfully, while Bogus then dives into Tommy's shirt pocket. The troll monster then grows even taller than Tommy, as Bogus then comes out from Tommy's shirt pocket once again, saying that the troll monster is nothing but a bag of hot air as he comes out to confront the monster who then steps on him. The troll monster then peels Bogus off of his foot, rolls him up into a ball, and throws him as he starts bouncing all over the food-laden area.

Tommy then angrily tells the troll monster that he's not afraid of him, which causes the monster to shrink down, as Bogus and a couple of Dirt Dudes start cheering on Tommy, telling him to keep facing his fears. When Tommy tells the monster that he's nothing but a bad of wind, the monster then shrinks down again until he's Tommy's size, to which the monster then disappears when Tommy pokes him. Once that's over, Tommy then realizes that he is able to face his fear, as Bogus and the Dirt Dudes start cheering for Tommy, happy that Tommy was able to face his fears, before the Dirt Dudes then jump on Bogus and start dancing on top of him. Back in the living room, it is revealed that the entire experience was a dream, before Bogus then wakes up while Tommy still sleeps on. Bogus then says that if you face your fears, you can do just about anything, before he is suddenly grabbed by the troll monster once again. However, it is then revealed that it was actually Brattus playing another prank on Bogus, using a mechanical monster hand to grab Bogus, before the two cousins start laughing once again.

Third Act Edit

In the dark stormy night sky, several bolts of lightning are flashing around the Anybody residence, which is now laden with Halloween decorations, outside and inside the house. Inside the living room of the Anybody Residence, Mr. Anybody is dressed up a muscle-bound medicine man, when his fake muscles suddenly fall limp, as Mr. Anybody tries to fix them. Mr. Anybody then starts looking at himself in the mirror, as does Bogus in the bathroom. Bogus is practicing his scary faces for the Halloween party before he notices a makeup kit laying next to the bathroom sink. Bogus then uses the makeup paintbrush to paint his reflection, making the reflection look like a KISS band member, but Bogus does not like it, before he kicks the mirror, causing it to flip around, before a Bogus-like version of Frankenstein's monster appears in the mirror and reaches out at Bogus, but he is able to dodge before taunting the monster and kicks the mirror again, making it flip around one more time, before a biker-like version of Bogus appears on the mirror. When Bogus says that he's the toughest around, the biker Bogus disagrees, saying that he's tougher, before Bogus makes himself really buff and scares the biker Bogus away before Bogus runs into the mirror, before a scuffle takes place.

After the scuffle ends, Bogus then comes out from the mirror, this time dressed as a biker before he starts riding the motorcycle all over the bathroom, before making a U-turn back towards the mirror. Bogus then pulls back his jacket sleeve to reveal a tattoo of Aunt Bogunda, which comes to life and growls angrily. Bogus then peeks into the mirror, directly into Bogusland, to see that Bogusland is also celebrating Halloween before he enters Bogusland again, when Brattus meets up with him while wearing a superhero suit. When Brattus tells Bogus that he wants half of the Halloween treats, Bogus then tells Brattus that they'll split the treats 50/50, before he starts doing some thinking, before telling Brattus to hop on the motorcycle, before the two cousins exit Bogusland once again. However, it turns out that Baddus, who is wearing a wizard outfit, was eavesdropping on Bogus and Brattus as he also plans to have his own surprises for the Halloween party. Baddus then exits Bogusland afterwards.

Back in the bathroom of the Anybody residence, Bogus and Brattus then race out from the bathroom, before Baddus also enters the bathroom as well before using his magic wand to turn a toothbrush into a beastly dragon that serves as Baddus's steed. Baddus then jumps onto the toothbrush dragon before riding off towards the party. In the living room, all of the guests are partying with Brattus drinking from a cup of soda and Bogus having a hot dog garnished with popcorn. Suddenly, Bogus then looks over in time to see Baddus enter the room while riding on the toothbrush dragon, before Baddus uses his magic to turn some jack-o-lanterns into evil winged monsters that start scaring away the party guests as they run for their lives. Some of the guests hide until the buffet table when one of the enchanted jack-o-lanterns rams the table. Brattus then makes himself really buff before going out to face the jack-o-lanterns before being held back by Bogus, until the two cousins get into an argument about how to stop Baddus from wrecking the party. Baddus then appears above the two cousins before using his magic to turn Bogus's motorcycle into a sentient monster, which interrupts Bogus and Brattus, scaring them so much that Brattus jumps into Bogus's arms, before the two cousins make a run for it with the enchanted motorcycle chasing after them.

The two cousins then find themselves in a dead end, before Bogus tells Brattus that now's the time to show this mechanical monster a thing or two, before Bogus pulls open his pants as some bats fly out before he reaches in and pulls out a pipe wrench. Bogus then jumps the motorcycle as he starts fighting against it while still wielding the pipe wrench. After a few seconds, the motorcycle has been completely dismantled as Bogus then comes out from the pile of wreckage with a bunch of motor oil on his head and the pipe wrench stuck around his nose. Brattus then runs up to Bogus, congratulating him for stopping the monster motorcycle from running amok. Baddus is still causing trouble in the living room, before using his wand to turn one of the curtains into a ghost that starts scaring Mr. and Mrs. Anybody. Baddus then comes out from behind a jack-o-lantern while giving off an evil laugh, before Bogus and Brattus, who are now both dressed as superheroes start flying towards Baddus. However, Baddus can only laugh at the two cousins' pitiful attempt to stop him before making himself disappear, before Bogus and Baddus then crash into each other, before falling into a jack-o-lantern who then spits them out with their butts on fire, before they crash into the side of the bookshelf and fall into the fishbowl. Bogus and Brattus then climb out from the fishbowl, before being chased away by the piranha in the fishbowl.

Bogus and Brattus, who are back in their regular attire again, tumble onto the kitchen counter, at the same time that Baddus is laughing at the two cousins' expense, not realizing that Bogus walks directly up to him. Bogus then taps on Baddus's shoulder, telling him that his dirty tricks have come to an end, which then results in Bogus and Baddus having a showdown against each other. When the two gremlins approach each other, Bogus then pulls out a worm from his pocket, much to his embarrassment, before Baddus pulls out a fish from his pocket that starts chasing after the worm into Bogus's pants. When reaching into his pockets again, Bogus then pulls out Ratty and Molie from his pockets, before stuffing them back into his pockets, just as Baddus gets even closer. Bogus then pulls out more items from his pockets, while Baddus is standing with his arms crossed, when Bogus pulls out a bunch of bones that make up a dinosaur skeleton. Baddus then pulls out Brattus from his pocket, much to both Bogus and Baddus's surprise, before Brattus throws Baddus's wand over to Bogus. When Brattus retreats back into Baddus's pocket again, Bogus then uses the wand to form the dinosaur bones into a fierce living dinosaur skeleton that comes to life and starts chasing after Baddus. Baddus then jumps into the reflective surface of a frying pan, followed afterwards by the dinosaur skeleton. With Baddus taken care of once again, Brattus then pops out from Bogus's pants again, before the two cousins then high-five each other again and start laughing, as the episode ends.

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  • The episode takes its title from the 1984 Horror film, "A Nightmare on Elm Street".