Ratty is a recurring character from the 1991 cartoon, Mr. Bogus

Bio Edit

Ratty is a rat who is known to be one of Bogus' biggest enemies. He is also joined up by his sycophantic yet dimwitted mole sidekick named Molie. The two are almost always seen together as they often try to one-up Bogus, with little to no success.

Personality Edit

Being that he is a rat, Ratty is known to be sneaky, selfish, and conniving, and prone to playing dirty tricks on Bogus or trying to get his grubby paws on any kind of items that he finds. Even though Ratty dislikes Bogus with a passion and always tries to get the better of him, without any success, there are a few times where he has sometimes teamed up with Bogus when the problem is too big for either of them to handle alone.

Physical appearance Edit

Ratty has light blue-gray fur all over his body, with a rather potbellied appearance, a noticeable bellybutton, has yellow eyes, large ears, a light pink muzzle, and a large red nose.

Enemies Edit

Ratty and Molie are enemies to Bogus, and occasionally to Brattus.

Voice Edit

Ratty was voiced by Jim Cummings, best known for voicing the title character of Disney's Darkwing Duck and the title character of Disney's Bonkers.

First appearance Edit

"Meet Mr. Bogus"

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