Tommy Anybody is a recurring character from the 1991 cartoon, Mr. Bogus

Bio Edit

Tommy Anybody is a human boy who is the best friend of Bogus, and the only human who knows of Bogus' existence. Although Tommy likes Bogus and is a good friend to him, he is more often than not constantly annoyed by Bogus' antics and trying hard to keep him under control and keep him out of trouble. This has sometimes gotten him into trouble with everyone else around him.

Personality Edit

Tommy is a grade-school boy who appears to be in the third or fourth grade. Despite the fact that he gets exasperated at the things that Bogus does, he's still happy that Bogus is his best friend.

Physical appearance Edit

Tommy has light Caucasian skin, wears a pink shirt with a green collar, a pair of blue jeans, sneakers with white and pink traces on them, and has bright orange hair.

Family Edit

Tommy has a loving mother and father.

Enemies Edit

None at this moment.

Voice Edit

Tommy was voiced by Jeannie Elias, who provided the voice of Margaret Wade in the 1980's Dennis The Menace cartoon.

First appearance Edit

"Class Clown Bogus"

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